Expert Witness

Business Interruption and Loss

  • Business interruption and production loss assessments for continuous processing plants, including fuel usage, environmental issues and impact of emissions
  • Opportunity costs and lost sales estimates during periods of business interruption

Technical Support Services

  • Techno-economic assistance and technical support services to law firms, insurance companies and government agencies on a wide range of matters concerning the international oil & gas, refining, petrochemical, mineral processing and energy industries
  • Custom services and technical assistance for processing plant operations, discovered document classification, including drawings, technical document analysis and report reviews
  • Plant troubleshooting and technical services for¬†operational improvement reviews, product quality and contamination investigations

Process Plant Incidents

  • Expertise available for major cases involving process design reviews, hydrocarbon product contamination, process plant incidents, and plant safety and operability issues
  • Process plant incident investigations, plant upsets & plant reliability assessments
  • Reports on risk management procedures, health & safety regulations and requirements

Feedstock & Product Valuations

  • Product quality and quantity disputes, load port requirements and shipping cost evaluations
  • Expert opinion on hydrocarbon and mineral processing product and feedstock valuation, and plant operating costs

Due Diligence Services

  • Data room review, plant valuation and business assessments for mergers and acquisitions
  • Review of commercial agreements, supply contracts, and contractual agreements concerning energy supplies, fuels and quality specifications
  • Development of pricing formulas, product quality differentials and freight cost differentials to assist contract negotiations

Process Technology Evaluations

  • Process evaluation, including reliability, operating flexibility, ease of integration with existing plant, and techno-economic analysis of new technologies
  • Evaluation of gasification technologies including syngas production for IGCC, Fischer Tropsch, Methanol, DME, Ammonia and Urea processing

Patent Application Claims

  • Expert report services for patent issues involving coal processing, refining, petrochemicals, gas processing and cryogenic facilities
  • Services offered for evaluating claims for novel gas processing and CO2 capture technologies including solvents, adsorbents, membranes and cryogenics








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