Protos Services are 100% client-oriented, aimed at providing the best possible outcome for clients, on-time and within budget. Over his career, Costa has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with a wide range of clients, industry colleagues, managers and senior government staff.

His consultancy work during the past 40 years with all participants in a project, from owners, project proponents, JV partners and engineering firms, to process licensors, contract administrators and government officers, has provided the insight and expertise to understand the perspectives and goals of all parties. This results in client services which effectively manage all aspects of resistance to change, group tensions and cultural sensitivities, bringing parties together to identify and implement win-win outcomes.

Costa has many years experience of working and communicating with people in different countries with different cultural backgrounds. His skills at effective communication have also been demonstrated through his successful workshops and seminars.


Costa’s consultancy work promotes operational excellence for clients, providing advice and implementing the following key factors for successful projects:

  • Proposing solutions that meet genuine needs
  • Building metrics from the start to monitor the effectiveness of operating processes
  • Involving management, technical services and operators in planning and implementing solutions
  • Addressing the root causes of problems rather than just dealing with symptoms, and
  • Creating a continuous improvement environment led by those actually carrying-out and implementing the operating decisions

Costa’s consulting work has successfully employed these key factors for operations analysis and decision-support across the entire manufacturing and supply chain, and he has published a number of papers that address issues of communication, “in time” advice for planning & scheduling, and near real-time performance monitoring.