Hydrocarbon Processing Economics

  • LPG, CNG, Natural Gas, LNG, petroleum products and petrochemicals industry analysis
  • Supply and demand, transportation issues, market developments and new investments
  • Paper barrel markets, energy futures and managing risk with futures
  • Different types of refining companies, their organisations and viewpoints
  • Key variables affecting refinery margins and key factors for improving profitability
  • Use of LP modeling techniques for crude oil selection and operations planning

Process technology

  • New processing developments for petroleum refining and petrochemicals
  • Alternative fuels, bio-refinery processing, renewable energy and carbon capture
  • Anything to Liquids “XTL processing”
  • Gas-to-liquids (GTL), Coal-to-liquids (CTL) and Biomass-to-liquids (BTL) technologies

Investment analysis

  • Sources of financing and establishing economic viability of projects
  • Project organisation, key development phases and important milestones
  • NPV, IRR and discounted cash flow methodologies and calculations
  • Use of LP modeling techniques for investment analysis

Sustainability and renewable energy

  • Economics and feasibility of global sustainable energy initiatives, viability for modern industrial processes and global transport
  • Mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions, implications for world trade, economic development, third world poverty
  • Advanced Second Generation Biofuels and Hydrogen Energy technologies
  • Hydrocarbon product specifications and their importance for emissions control
  • Environmental impacts of Biofuels and other biomass derived products



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