Operations Analysis

Business Process Improvement

  • Expertise for Business Process Studies across different departments and operating groups to ensure procedures and workflows align with new technology
  • Change management services for processes and methods to successfully introduce new management systems
  • Project definition and organisation, business process management and organisational re-structuring

Strategic Studies and Audits

  • Strategic planning for new investment options
  • Site operational audits, plant valuations and due diligence for certification, mergers and acquisitions
  • Forensic audits for processing facilities, terminalling and distribution

Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Decision-support and optimisation systems development across the entire manufacturing and supply chain, from trading systems through to production planning & scheduling tools and advanced process control applications
  • Supply chain management, supply chain planning and scheduling systems analysis, including IT infrastructure review, rationalisation of existing planning tools, and development of advanced planning & scheduling solutions
  • Audits offered to establish current business economic drivers used for supply chain optimisation strategies
  • Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) projects and integration of production planning, automation, scheduling and management accounting systems

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

  • Integrated production planning and scheduling systems development
  • Flowsheet modelling, on-screen optimisation models, easy-to-use interface developments
  • Linear programming (LP) systems development – including multi-plant and regional models – including data interfaces and integration with simulation models and 3rd party scheduling systems
  • Assistance with business analysis, functional design, software implementation, performance and acceptance tests
  • Gas processing / LNG production forecasting system development, upgrades and new system installations
  • Refinery and petrochemical derivatives, modeling and integration

Distribution and Logistics

  • Analysis provided of actual implementation of “optimum” plan highlighting supply, logistical and scheduling issues which inhibit optimisation efforts
  • Improving primary and secondary distribution integration
  • Evaluation of alternative plant scheduling and distribution opportunities
  • Identification of existing logistical constraints and restrictions

Decision-Support Applications

  • Product valuations and market opportunity analysis tools
  • Live trading data and information interfaces (Energy futures, NYMEX)
  • Strategic marketing, hedging and trading applications
  • Use of mathematical tools for hydrocarbon yield accounting applications

Feedstock Selection

  • Feedstock blending synergies and feedstock optimisation
  • Evaluation of feedstock opportunities for upgraded and new processing facilities
  • Alternative feedstocks for different operating modes and processing options
  • Crude oil evaluations and netback calculation monitoring

Product Formulation

  • New product grades analysed and evaluated for margin contribution
  • Hidden product quality giveaway and synergies identified
  • Impact of new product grade requirements on plant operations and assessment of potential plant bottlenecks
  • Development of custom products for niche markets














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