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As the World attempts to move towards a Net-Zero CO2 emissions Global Economy, the proven technology of CO2 capture with sub-sea storage, together with proven gasification & synthesis technologies including CO2-based synthesis, will become increasingly important. Costa’s interests today focus on these technology areas, together with technologies for decarbonising H2 production.

Most recently between 2020 & 2022, Protos Consulting developed an extensive Concept Design for a 100% Green Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) export project and domestic Australian H2 Hub development, together with Australian & Korean partners. The core technology making the LH2 export / import barge terminals and “All-Seaborne Solution” possible, is an innovative and ground-breaking Korean cargo containment system that provides for safe, efficient and commercially-viable large-scale LH2 storage and shipping. The “commercial-demonstration” export project developed by Protos & Korean partners will ‘prove-up’ the key technologies for large-scale LH2 shipping. The “whole supply chain” project, based in Darwin Northern Territory (NT), is in the development phase. 

The Darwin Project proponents are also developing the international Joint Development Project (JDP) membership that will involve equity investors, offtakers, engineering firms & shipyards and technology vendors, to successfully complete the large-scale LH2 shipping project. The Darwin Project is supported by the NT and Korean Governments, with support from the Commonwealth Government and agencies expected in due course.

The business model to successfully complete the “whole supply chain” LH2 export project, including terminals and LH2 tanker, is similar to the business model employed by the first LNG export projects from Australia in the 1980ies. These involved long-term offtake agreements together with take-or-pay pricing arrangements. Start-up of the Darwin Project export barge processing facilities, and delivery of Australian Green LH2 by large-scale LH2 tanker to the Korean Fuel Cell Vehicle market is planned for 2030. 

The Darwin Project proponents will in due course engage with a major engineering firm and a preferred Korean shipyard, to complete the FEED, Detailed Design and Costings for the project to reach Final Investment Decision (FID) latest by 2026. Fast-tracking the project with early investment could bring FID forward to 2025, with delivery of Green LH2 to Korea potentially in 2028.

A successful outcome of the Darwin “All-Seaborne Solution” for exporting Australian Renewable Hydrogen as Green LH2, will be applicable to many other Green H2 export projects planned around Australia today, helping to make Australia a Renewable Energy Superpower.    

NEWS FLASH: Costa Tsesmelis & Ray Swanepoel’s Fischer-Tropsch breakthroughs for Australian Clean H2 production and Biodegradable GTL technology have been recognised by international experts. Intellectual Property has been transferred to Protos Consulting and the company has recently renewed its Australian Innovation Patent for H2 production. The innovation patent is for a world-scale Clean LH2 Export Project, which includes the integration of Green Power electrolysis with Fischer Tropsch processing, H2 liquefaction, storage & shipping, and CO2 capture & storage.

The patented H2 production process is made particularly profitable when low cost Latrobe Lignite is used and nearby sub-sea storage sites are available. Profitability is assured with high value co-production of Biodegradable GTL to replace Petroleum Diesel, for use in sensitive Australian marine environments, and low cost domestic production of rocket propellant RP1 / RP2 for Australia’s emerging Space Industry.   


Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

Costa was awarded a Bachelor’s (Honours) degree in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies at Sheffield University in the UK. He is a fanatical life-long supporter of Sheffield United and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE) and a Chartered Engineer (CEng). Disclosure: Costa is currently also a Non-Executive Director on the Board of a tech start-up and has a minority shareholding in an Australian Renewable H2 Export project development.   

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