Project Highlights


Representative examples of project assignments:

  • Consultant to the World Bank for forensic investigation and preparation of report on tank farm operations, capital costs, fuel pricing, shipping and supply chain developments in the South Pacific Islands.
  • Project Manager for business process study for Middle-East client’s supply chain project involving integration of sales, marketing and finance with gas plant operations. Recommendations were successfully implemented to align the commissioning of the new gas plant and pipelines with sales and marketing functions and the gas plant’s production planning & scheduling systems.
  • Consultancy for training, project execution and development of gasoline and distillate blending optimization models for the start-up and commissioning of new production units at a major refinery expansion in Saudi Arabia.
  • Project development services, tender preparations, presentations and training for a petroleum products secondary distribution optimization project in China
  • Project Manager for client’s bid proposal for business systems and software applications review of a North American gas processing plant’s decision-support requirements (gasification and methanation operations).
  • Consulting services for supply chain improvement project for a major oil company’s refineries and terminal operations in Australia. Project involved development of application specifications, design and analysis of interfaces, and integration of multi-period LP models with refinery scheduling systems.
  • Designed and facilitated a workshop for senior management at a North European refining company to develop a Supply Chain “Vision” for the corporation. Operational improvement areas were identified and recommendations implemented to integrate business processes of scheduling, trading and logistics for ‘real-time’ performance control.
  • Project Director for a software development and information integration project at 3 European refineries for advanced control blending automation, performance monitoring and blend management reporting systems.
  • Production planning and scheduling systems analysis, energy audit, including IT infrastructure review, with recommendations for improved planning and business processes at WA mineral processing facilities, nickel smelter and refinery.



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